It's a good thing we really trust the guys at Twitchfilm, because I'd hate to be sharing this report if it wasn't accurate. But according to Twitchmaster Todd Brown, it looks like Fox has removed director Xavier Gens from post-production on Hitman. Why? Because his preferred cut of the film was (get this) too violent! Really? Wow. See, here's how I know Hollywood is a lunatic bin: Whomever hired Mr. Gens for this job had to know two things:

1. The director's first film -- Frontiere(s) -- is so amazingly and powerfully violent that it almost becomes parody.

2. The video game? You know, the one that this new Hitman movie is BASED ON? It's a pretty damn violent game. Like, really violent.

But reports indicate that the producers want a PG-13 flick to sell to the kids. So out come the hired scissors and out goes a young Frenchman who probably didn't know what hit him. As far as the movie goes, us grown-up action-lovers will undoubtedly have to wait for the Unrated Director's Cut DVD to see the flick Mr. Gens intended. (Because studios will gladly admit their earlier mistakes, but only when there are extra DVDs to sell.)

So you know what? That's what I'll do. If Hitman comes out as a PG-13 flick, I'll simply skip the theatrical release and rent the DVD in a few months. Fox pulled the exact same hedge-betting with Live Free or Die Hard earlier this year (unrated DVD coming soon!), and I daresay it's getting a little annoying. At this point an action film's theatrical release feels more like a 90-minute advertisement for the "big boy" DVD version.

I mean, really. Remember this story once you get to see Frontiere(s). You won't believe they hired THIS director if the original goal was a PG-13 movie.
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