It's time for more film fest purchasing news, and this latest bit comes from the New York Film Festival. indieWIRE reports that IFC Entertainment has bought the rights to two French films that screened at the fest this year, which cover the realms of dark and neurotic comedy. First up is Claude Chabrol's lovely-titled A Girl Cut in Two, a thriller that has already screened in France over the summer. The other is Valeria Bruni Tedeschi's Actresses, a film that won a special jury prize at Cannes. Each are set to be released next year, both on the big screen and cable V.O.D.

A Girl Cut in Two is a black comedy/thriller about a French weather girl who has found herself in a love triangle, when she entertains the affections of two crappy choices. While she loves a famous married author who won't leave his wife, she's also courting "a semi-deranged young heir" who wants her. She marries the younger man, and unfortunately, he isn't too happy with her love for the writer. It sounds like an interesting tale, and according to Variety, it's also based on a true story; however, that bit of information is a bit spoilery, so you've been warned.

The other female French flick, Actresses, is a comedy/drama about a 40-year-old single, childless actress named Marcelline who runs into an old drama alum during a rehearsals for A Month in the Country. Her old friend left acting for a husband and children, which shakes up neurotic Marcelline's lonely life. According to Variety this time around, "humor saves the whole from overtheatricality, just about balancing Bruni Tedeschi's neurotic flakiness." So, I guess that means it's a questionable, albeit enjoyable, female dramedy. Whatever the case, you can see both in theaters or from your couch soon enough!
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