Either the little Parker-Broderick is in need of a cushy college fund, or Matthew Broderick is loving the push of a many-movies year. After making it big in the '80s (ah, Ladyhawke and Ferris...), the actor has always taken it easy, tackling 1-3 films a year, with a few off here and there. The one exception was 2004, where he had 3 features plus one direct-to-video flick. Granted, he had a lot of stage work to also keep him busy. Now he's got 5 new films on the way, starting with Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie next month, and it looks like 2008 could be the year of the cinematic Broderick.

Variety reports that the actor has signed on to lead an indie feature called Wonderful World with Brown Sugar star and Tony nominee Sanaa Lathan. Joshua Goldin, one of the writers on Darkman, has written the feature and will take the directorial chair when production starts next week in Shreveport, Louisiana. Not much is being said about the film, other than that it "centers on a depressed, divorced, and unemployed father who finds solace in his Senegalese roommate's sister." The film should be a nice reprieve from his usual comic stints, which will include Finding Amanda and Diminished Capacity next year.
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