The other day, Paramount invited a select group of online writers to attend a special luncheon with director Steven Spielberg who wanted to reward them for their help in apprehending the dude who was trying to sell all those stolen Indiana Jones photos. In doing so, the folks in attendance asked Spielberg tons of questions regarding all of his most talked-about projects, including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, Transformers 2 and Tintin. Of course, when you bring this all-star team of websites together, don't expect a bunch of B.S. questions -- they cut straight to the chase. As far as Indy 4 goes, there's only two days left of shooting, Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford have performed most of their own stunts, the flick was shot on film, not digital (with as much practical effects work as possible) and Drew Struzan will be back for the poster.

Additionally, there's been talk about re-releasing the first three Indiana Jones films on the big screen prior to the fourth installment arriving in theaters. No doubt this was George Lucas' idea, and Spielberg said he's not so sure he wants to do it. He'd rather Indiana Jones 4 be the first time folks are seeing Indy on the big screen in 18 years. (Personally, I'd like to see the first three on the big screen at some point -- not long ago, I caught a screening of Raiders and had such a friggin' blast.) As far as Transformers 2 goes, they're working double-time to complete the script and Spielberg said it will be handed in a couple weeks from now, with the potential goal to begin shooting early next year. Spielberg also played coy when folks asked whether Shia LaBeouf would continue the Indy franchise, saying "we will see, he still has multiple Transformers films to do." I suppose that means LaBeouf will stay with the robots through at least a third film.

Finally, for the Tintin news. All three films will indeed be motion capture, with Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg each directing one installment. The cool news is that if they do not find a director to helm the third installment, Jackson and Spielberg will co-direct. Now if that's not a fanboy's wet dream, I don't know what is. Those interested in reading more about the Spielberg fireside chat, feel free to check out reports from any one of the following sites: IESB, Coming Soon, Latino Review, IGN, CHUD, JoBlo, Slashfilm and AICN.

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