No matter how many millions (over $100 worldwide) Disturbia made, I must say that I really, really wasn't happy with it. (You might remember my DVD review from August.) Why write about it, then? Well, the thing is, it's a disappointing movie that easily could've been so much more, which is what makes it so irk-worthy. It took the classic Rear Window set-up, shot it well, and had decent actors, but completely missed all the potential for jumps and feasibility. The movie failed to live up to its potential for tension, and had a protagonist who was smart enough to pull off intricate wiring, but didn't have the common sense to spy in the dark, or from an unseen vantage point.

Nevertheless, it got lots of love, and it's no surprise that Bloody-Disgusting is now reporting that the film is going to get a sequel. The movie is currently in the works, but they have heard nothing about who is attached to the project. My guess is that they'll take the same theme and go with a new person, and maybe one of the film's co-stars -- perhaps Ronnie in college? Or maybe they'll convince Shia LaBeouf to come back, and his adventures will have made him some sort of super-spy who moves around spying on dangerous wackos. Whatever the case, we'll revisit Disturbia once again, and hopefully this time around, it'll be free of the easy-to-fix weak points.
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