For those of us who'll never get enough Andy Griffith, it was a real treat seeing him in this year's Waitress. In the film, he's a crotchety but lovable old diner-owner and guide to Keri Russell's "with child" pie-making protagonist. The best part about his role was how subtly crass he could get at times. If you haven't seen it (do it!), just picture Ben Matlock saying the following line: "I saw that look on a woman's face before. Her name was Anette. I made sweet sweet love to her all through the summer of 1948, and she had that look on her face all through the fall." Well, now we don't have to settle for stories from youth, because in Griffith's next movie he plays a guy on the prowl. The indie pic is titled Play the Game, and it casts the 81-year-old opposite Battlestar Galactica's Paul Campbell, who will play his grandson.

According to Variety, the plot centers on the inter-generational duo as they go out and pick up girls, the younger teaching the widowed elder how it's done. But of course the kid's game plan fails to work for grandpa, according to a synopsis from a 2003 script reading of Play the Game, and even causes problems for the old man when it ruins his chances with the woman of his dreams. The cast includes Everybody Loves Raymond Emmy-winner Doris Roberts, who I assume plays Griffith's love interest, and The Practice's Marla Sokoloff, who probably plays Campbell's -- though wouldn't that be an interesting twist if it was the other way around? Will we at least see him attempt to woo a girl who could be his great-granddaughter? Or hear some more naughty talk from ol' Andy Taylor? We'll just have to wait and see. The indie rom-com was written and is being directed by Marc Feinberg, and shooting began in Los Angeles this week.
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