He has absolutely no idea I'm doing this (and I'm sure he'll be slightly embarrassed once he finds out), but it's fairly slow today and I felt why not share something that will (hopefully) make you laugh. Cinematical'sPatrick Walsh, who's best known around here for his very awesome weekly screenwriting column, wrote, co-directed and starred in this hysterical online short now playing over at Funny or Die. It's called Alan Freakin' Alda, and before you run over there to watch it, you might want to continue reading to see if it's your cup of tea. Anyway, our pal Patty stars as one of two office workers who, during a little downtime, are discussing what they did the previous weekend. That's when Patty's character goes into this whole thing about how he hooked up with actor Alan Alda while out at a bar.

I'm not sure why they picked Alan Alda (of all people), but it works. Ian Friedman plays the other office worker; the friend who non-chalantly reacts to all of this as if Alan Alda were some random one-night-stand. And the two go back and forth, slowly getting more into it as the rest of the details spill out. And that's when the warning comes in. Patty, God bless him, shovels out some pretty sexually-explicit details about his (or should I say, his character's) night with Alan Alda. Put it this way: Imagine two guys talking, in great detail, about how they hooked up with a girl and brought her home for the evening. Now take all that foul language, and insert Alan Alda's name into the equation. I pretty much lost it once they introduced the M*A*S*H* theme song, and it just gets filthier and filthier from there. So if you like the raunchy comedy, and you're in the mood for a little laughter before leaving work for the day, do head on over to Funny or Die and check out the short. (I think you can vote if you like it, or something like that -- I don't know, I never get involved at that level; I just watch everything for the fun of it.) Anyway, enjoy -- and let Patrick know what you think in the comments section below.

Note: My apologies to Patrick (for not telling him I was writing this) and Alan Alda (just because).

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