Along with the fall foliage, crisp weather, and carved pumpkins comes the quest and stress over making costumes and Halloween plans. Some people carefully plan their Halloween alter-ego well in advance, but most of us don't get out butts into gear until the last minute. Luckily, there's the world of movies -- they not only provide us with entertainment, but make for the absolute best fount of costume and party possibilities -- we've seen them on the screen, they're easily recognizable, easy to mimic, and often a heck of a lot cheaper than rental costumes.

I realized this years ago, when I was broke and looking for a super-cheap, yet super-clever costume. I didn't want to follow the bandwagons of cereal killers and people suffering "My Name is..." identity crises. I spotted a big pile of large, clear trash bags and realized that they'd make the perfect costume -- I would be Laura Palmer, dead, and wrapped in plastic. Only one person recognized me that night, even with her secret diary tucked in the folds of the plastic, but it was still great to be something different than the hordes of vampires, zombies, and other Halloween main-stays. The next year, my friend's dog was getting injections so of course, all I needed was a wig to make myself Mrs. Mia Wallace.

Cinema is not only useful for personal theming and scheming, but groups as well. They're perfect for costuming you and your friends for a night out on the town or a local house party. After scheming up a good theme, all you have to do is apply it to the munchies and decor, and suddenly your boring party becomes a den of movie mojo. After the jump, you'll find seven easy-to-tackle groups, starting you off on cinema's many possibilities. We're film fans after all, so this is our chance to jump into the worlds we see on the big screen. There's only so many options I can hit with this list, so share your ideas and let the brainstorming begin!
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