I've never seen Lost, or Girlfight, or any of the low-budget horror films Michelle Rodriguez has done, so I have no opinion whatsoever of her acting abilities, but I remember thinking that she must be worth a look if James Cameron thinks she is. The King of the World recently cast Rodriguez in a major role in his upcoming film, Avatar. She was to play ex-Marine pilot Trudy Chacon, but now she may have screwed that up big time. According to TMZ, Rodriguez has just been hit with a full six-month jail sentence for violating probation on a number of driving-related crimes, including hit and run. Apparently, she tried to fool them into thinking she was doing community service when she really wasn't, which pissed off the court. She is now required to begin her sentence by late December, which may or may not screw up her role in Avatar. Cameron is known to have already filmed much of the live-action, and is filming more in New Zealand this month -- can he (and does he want to) work around her schedule? What about re-shoots, pick-ups, etc?

In other Avatar news, a story over at a New Zealand news site recently quoted digital effects guru Joe Letteri as saying that hundreds of contractors are being corralled to help out with the massive special-effects workload the film is generating. I'm becoming more and more convinced that this is going to be something really special when it hits theaters and if I were Cameron, I think I would try something new with the marketing on this one -- don't have any. No trailers, no images, no nothing. Just make us wait until May 22, 2009 to see anything. Wouldn't that be fun?

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