Here we go again! The studios are just loving those not-yet-written books these days. (Although this one is more of an idea hitting a few forms of media.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers has bought the rights to School of Fear, a proposal from Gitty Daneshvari. The studio was swayed by a huge 89-page proposal that covers a four-part series (sequels, sequels, sequels!). It seems that Daneshvari has been cooking up the story for a decade, since she was an assistant at CAA. She worked her way to a development position, but left her post to become a full-time writer. She used her connections, one person handed the pitch to another, and before she knew it, she had representation, a book deal, and now a movie deal.

School of Fear
isn't a secondary school, but rather an "offbeat summer camp" that tries to rid kid's of their phobias "through unorthodox methods," and is run by an "elusive headmistress." Is this going to be a cinematic Fear Factor for kids? Hmm, I guess not if the methods are unorthodox -- which leads me to wonder what these methods are. Anyhow, four 12-year-olds get sent there: Madeleine, Garrison, Lulu, and Theo. The first book of the series won't hit shelves until 2009, so there's a possibility the film will come before the movie. At least, if this happens, kids can go from the movie to the bookstore and pick up a carefully-developed and written story, rather than something just thrown together to cash in on the movie. Now, if only someone can tell me what's so unorthodox ... Fie my curiosity!
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