You know you have crappy luck when you come under fire (pardon the upcoming pun) for a mistake in your youth, which lands you in jail and then makes you the prime suspect for a crime you didn't commit. Variety reports that Warner Independent has optioned a new book, which came out last month, called An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England. Now, before you grab your cans of gasoline and pick up the book for a handy, how-to guide, this is actually a work of fiction -- one that could make for some fun literary cinema.

Brock Clarke's novel follows a man named Sam who accidentally set Emily Dickinson's Homestead on fire as a teen, which killed two people. He serves ten years for the accident, and then tries to make a life for himself. Unfortunately, life finds him back at his family home with his English teacher mother and editor father. Adding to his struggle, more literary landmarks fall to the flames, and of course, he is the prime suspect and must find the actual arsonist. There's no screenwriter or director mentioned, but I have a casting idea. Now granted, I have Ryan Gosling on the mind for having just written something up about Lars and the Real Girl, but I can completely see him in a role like this. Who would you cast as a down-on-his-luck faux firestarter?
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