Let me preface this story by telling you I'm: a) a total wimp when it comes to horror flicks, and b) I slept with a night light in my room until I was at least 19. With that in mind, our friends over at Sony/Columbia Pictures emailed me the other day with a proposition: They were doing a screening of 30 Days of Night, followed by something called 'Dining in the Dark,' and asked if I was interested. Even though I'm in no way a horror buff, I'm a big fan of director David Slade (loved Hard Candy!), and was looking forward to seeing what he did with 30 Days of Night, an adaptation of the graphic novel about a bunch of vampires who invade a small Alaskan town under, well, 30 straight days of night. I wasn't quite up to speed on this whole 'Dining in the Dark' thing, but I figured -- what the hell -- they'll be candles, it'll be spooky, and we'll have a blast.

But before I tell you about dinner, let's talk about the movie. Ryan will be bringing you a full-on review of 30 Days when it hits theaters next week, but I'll get the ball rolling by saying it was pretty damn good. Visually (and I credit the novel, cinematographer Jo Willems, and Slade here), the film looked absolutely incredible. There's this one overhead shot which sweeps across the entire town and shows vampires feasting on residents that's, quite simply, brilliant. The quick cuts are fantastic, and there's definitely more than one scene where you'll be jumping out of your seat. Additionally, I'm starting to really dig Josh Hartnett. He's good in this film, and I'm loving the role choices he's taking on lately (between this film and Resurrecting the Champ). Melissa George doesn't do a whole lot for me, but she's fine here as Hartnett's estranged wife -- and I'm glad the two of them didn't talk about their struggling relationship too much while a group of nasty-ass vampires were invading the town (although there are some cheesy moments sprinkled throughout). Even so, the end (if you've read the novel and know what happens) is damn powerful. Oh, and I can't say enough about Ben Foster -- this guy is all kinds of creepy here.

After the jump: How I go from 30 Days of Night to eating dinner in the pitch black.