After running around for what seemed like forever today, I finally arrived home to the Transformers two-disc special edition lying on my desk. I had missed the Fed Ex guy all week long, but someone was finally home today to receive the package and now I'll have to devour the movie (for the second time), as well as all the nifty special features so that I can provide you readers with a sweet DVD review come early next week. In the meantime, I've provided a little gallery below with crappy pics (what can I say -- I'm a writer, not a photographer) of the DVD -- front and back -- and the inside sleeve ... that fell out as I opened it. But in case you're wondering ... yes, I'm getting a new digital camera for Christmas. No, actually, in case you're wondering, here is what comes with the two-disc set:

Disc 1

  • Commentary from Michael Bay

Disc 2

  • Our World: Explore the world of Transformers through interviews with the cast and crew, stunt training footage, and exclusive access to the on-set locations.
  • Their World: Learn more about the Autobots and Decepticons with exclusive access to production design, military advisors, and digital special effects.
  • More Than Meets The Eye: An in-debth featurette on the making of the Skorponok Desert Attack scene and concept boards.

Added bonus: Peter Cullen just announced at a press conference that he believes there will be two more Transformers films, and he is attached to voice Optimus Prime. The gallery is below, the DVD comes out on Tuesday and the first sequel is already in the works. Enjoy.