Before I go any further, I should probably get this off my chest. I never liked Sex in The City; there, I said it. I know there are millions of you out there with plenty of valid reasons as to why it was the greatest show ever -- but those four chicks just got on my nerves. Which is a shame considering how much I like Sarah Jessica Parker -- anyone who starred in Footloose and Square Pegs can't be all bad.

Variety reports that Parker will star in The Late Bloomer's Revolution. Based on Amy Cohen's memoir of the same name, the film will follow a "single woman who, after the death of her mother, develops a bond with her father as they both try to get on with their lives in the dating world." It's a character remarkably similar to Carrie Bradshaw, and the book was described as having a "much deeper masochistic streak than Sex and the City, even if she copes with setbacks like a virulent face rash with as much self-deprecating humor as she can muster."

Revolution will be the feature directorial debut of Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of The Gilmore Girls and executive producer of the upcoming Parker Posey comedy series, The Return of Jezebel James. All eyes are still on Sex and The City though, and between rumors of fake flashbacks and pregnancies the production is under some serious scrutiny right now. Parker (Sarah, not Posey) seems to be firmly entrenched in the romantic comedy camp, and has also been attached to A Family Affair, about a woman who accidentally has an affair with her future father in law. Now that's someone who sounds like they could use advice from someone like Carrie Bradshaw.
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