A couple of years ago, you might remember a little romantic comedy called Hitch. It starred Will Smith as Alex Hitchens, "The Date Doctor." Simply enough, he'd coach men and help them get dates with women. Of course, in typical romcom form, while he tries to help another guy get the girl, he gets a jolt from the love bug and struggles with it himself. It's nothing new, but it has romance and Will Smith, so of course, the movie did well. Now it seems that Smith wants to make it a television show.

Reuters reports that he is developing a sitcom based on the film, but only to produce, not to star in. It's one of a few shows his company, Overbrook Entertainment, has in development. Now if Smith was going to star, heading back to television ten years after his memorable sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, that would be cool. Instead, he's just going to put a dating show on television. Did he not catch Miss Match? The show might have gotten itself a Golden Globe nomination, but it went nowhere, even with Alicia Silverstone as its star. Granted, this is a sitcom and a little different, but if they're smart, they'll watch a bunch of those episodes and see what not to do. I'm not so sure about this, but what do you think? Is Hitch prime content for television? Or, will it fizzle away like Miss Match?
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