We're 13 days into the month of October so far, and we here at Cinematical have already shelled out tons of Halloween-related content. In case you were away or not paying close attention, here's what we've covered so far:

Welcome to October! Mwahahahahaaa: "So to welcome in my favorite month of the year -- and to kick-start Cinematical's month-long ode to all things related to scary cinema -- I thought I'd get the ball rolling on the WHY of the horror film. As in: Why do completely normal and emotionally healthy people enjoy producing, watching and dissecting pieces of art / entertainment that are A) grim, B) brutal, C) terrifying, and / or D) frequently unpleasant to look at?"

Cinematical Sevens:

Cool Horror Films of the 80s: "Some of the biggest horror franchises in history came into their own then, and the decade was marked by the emergence of home video, the greatest thing ever to happen to horror. I'm presenting these in no particular order, but these are all flicks I found time to enjoy between solving my Rubik's Cube and admiring girls in leg-warmers (I keep hoping those will come back)."

Best Non-Halloween Costumes and Disguises on Film: "Of course, if I was a real, hardcore movie geek, I wouldn't just settle for the basic, predictable movie-themed outfit. I'd go for the gold, and be an uber-geek. How? I would doubly dress up as a movie character who is dressed up as somebody or something else."

Scary Movies for the Wimpy: "While brainstorming ideas for Cinematical's month-long tribute to all things creepy, scary, and gory, I had the bright idea to cover scary flicks for the wimpy -- those people who squeeze, plug, and hate to be scared."

Great Books About Horror Films: "I present you now with seven horror movie related books from my personal library, each perfect for reading by the fireplace while an angry storm rages outside and the howl of a distant wolf mingles with the wails of lost souls emanating from that deconsecrated cemetery across the street (you know, the one right next to Burger King)."

Worst Stephen King Adaptations: "He's the sultan of screams, the head honcho of horror, the duke of disgust -- whether you measure by the sheer metric tonnage of his output or the harder-to-quantify level of his influence, Stephen King bestrides modern American horror like a colossus."

Best Horror Films You Haven't Seen Yet -- "Over the course of this three-part series, I hope to give you a bunch of titles (21, to be precise) that have not hit the screens (or shelves) just yet. I'm not saying they're all classics, but on the other hand ... I wouldn't be throwing crap titles in there, now would I?"

So much more to follow after the jump ...