Just a few days ago I shared a report from Twitchfilm, and in that report it was stated that Fox was planning to "tame" their video game adaptation Hitman. Further, we also heard that director Xavier Gens had been removed from the editing process. Well, either the earlier reports were false or there's been a change of mind over at Fox, because the Hollywood Reporter blog has an update for us...

"A source close to the project and a Fox rep both confirmed that director Xavier Gens is still on board, and the movie will absolutely come out with an R rating. Sources say it will most likely be a "hard R," in fact," is what we're being told. Twitchfilm responds with much skepticism: "If Gens is still in control why was an outside 'consultant' brought in to go over the edit of the film at all, and which of the two actually has more power considering that Gens is currently not even on this continent while [ film editor Nicholas] De Toth is working away?"

So here's what I'm guessing, not that any of this matters one whit: The R rating was always a certainty, but Fox probably had other "creative differences" with their young director. All I care about is this: Does Hitman kick ass? The early marketing push is certainly slick enough, but I've been burned on enough video game movies by now. Guess we'll find out what's up when the flick hits on November 21.
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