Universal health care, torture, the war in Iraq, African medical procedures, and married couples who hate each other -- those are the subjects addressed in the films that are up for the International Documentary Association Awards. The nominees were announced Thursday, and the awards will be handed out Dec. 7 in L.A.

The feature film nominees are Sicko,Taxi to the Dark Side, Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience, A Walk to Beautiful, and Crazy Love.

The IDA also gives an award for outstanding short film. There's a pretty diverse mix of subject matter in these nominees, too: Black and White (about Ukrainian street kids), Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy (women with disabilities), The Fighting Cholitas (female Bolivian wrestlers), Freeheld (domestic-partnership rights), and A Son's Sacrifice (American Muslim running a slaughterhouse).

The IDA's press release about the nominations indicates that they were chosen by peer-group juries, but it doesn't indicate how they determine which films are eligible. Personally, I think No End in Sightis the best documentary of the year, and Sicko is by far Michael Moore's sloppiest work. But for all I know, No End in Sight wasn't submitted or wasn't eligible or something.

This is the 23rd year for the IDA Awards. The organization was founded in 1982.
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