I've just returned home from seeing Gone, Baby, Gone, and since I'm itching to write about it (but can't give you my review until later this week), I shall point you toward Moviefone's Unscripted with director Ben Affleck (you might know him) and the film's star Casey Affleck (Ben's little brother). Let's get this out of the way first: The film is flippin' fantastic, and if you're thinking about heading to the movies this weekend, there's no reason why you shouldn't be seeing this flick (unless, of course, you have a child and need to see something a little more PG rated). Yes, Ben Affleck had some fantastic material to work with, that being the novel written by Dennis Lehane, but he's certainly proven here that stepping behind the camera for this film was probably the best career choice the guy ever made.

All that being said, the Unscripted is definitely an interesting watch. In it, both Afflecks ask one another some of your questions (that you left as comments on this blog), as well as their own. Because the film's climax presents its main character with a gigantic moral question (one you're sure to argue over with whomever you choose to see the movie with), I was interested in the question Ben asked Casey about whether he, as an actor, feels obligated to give his own opinion on the ending, or if he'd rather leave it up to the audience to figure out. You'll have to watch the interview for his answer, or wait until after you see the movie yourself, but I like the way in which Casey goes about responding. And speaking of Casey, get this kid some more roles! Even though I felt Amy Ryan stole this film away from top-notch actors like Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman, Casey Affleck hung in there with the best of them and delivered one heckuva performance. So watch the Unscripted, go see the movie this weekend, and you can thank me later for the recommendation.