It almost sounds like the beginning of a joke: "So Brett Ratner and Lindsay Lohan walk into the Playboy Mansion ...," but it could soon be a scary reality if Ratner decides to cast the post-rehab gal as a Playboy bunny in his new film. That's right, in case you did not know yet, Ratner is putting together a biopic on the life of Hugh Hefner (with Leonardo DiCaprio to potentially star has Hef). Whether or not he's doing it because Hef's story would make a great film, or if he's doing it for a lifetime invite to the Mansion, we do not know -- but we do know he'll be needing some seductive famous faces to take on roles as Playmates. E! Entertainment recently caught up with Ratner at Hollywood Life's 4th Annual Style Awards (it pains me that such a thing even exists) on Sunday night, and asked if he'd be down with giving Lohan a role in the film. Ratner replied, "She's very talented ... if she's sober. She would be great as a Playboy Bunny."

See, but in order to adequately play the part of a Playboy Bunny, wouldn't it be more fun if Lohan wasn't sober? Of course, the article goes on to say the following: "Love! Perfect part for Linds, postrefresh sesh" -- and since I don't even know what "postrefresh sesh" means in normal people language, I'm going to assume this whole thing is still pretty far-fetched. But still, Lohan did play a stripper in I Know Who Killed Me, so perhaps she can take on the role of the Playboy Bunny who doesn't take her clothes off. I mean, there is one Bunny who doesn't take her clothes off, right? On the other hand, nothing gets a girl those Oscar-worthy scripts like a little full-frontal nudity -- right Halle? Could this be the perfect role to revive Lohan's career, or considering all the bad publicity as of late, would playing a Playboy Bunny simply add more flames to the fire?

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