New screenwriter Justin Ware is just rolling in the successful pitches and writing gigs these days. He's the pen behind American Summer, the comedy I told you about in February. Remember the oh-so-charming premise? A pool cleaner (Matthew Lillard) slacks around cleaning the pools of the rich while his parents think he's going to school at Harvard. When his apartment is fumigated, he moves into an empty mansion and pimps out an escort he knows. That production just wrapped, and he already has three other projects in the works -- Adrenaline, Amazing Girls, and Handymen.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted the next project added to his ever-growing list -- an original comedy pitch called Wake Up Call, which will be produced by Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar. Unfortunately, they say almost nothing about the plot, other than describing it as "a high-concept comedy along the lines of Wedding Crashers." Does that mean a similar wedding-crashing premise, or just the general idea? Perhaps the flick will focus on some guys who don't crash weddings, but instead randomly give wake-up calls to people in the neighborhood? Or people who make the wake up calls at a hotel. Or maybe some dudes who need a wake up call about their stagnant lives. Considering the writer and the title, what's your best guess?
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