I don't think I'm alone in feeling that the Saw franchise should probably call it a day after the release of the latest installment on October 26th. What could possibly be next? For now, Saw producer Mark Burg is still looking to branch out with a loose remake of the film that gives women's studies majors everywhere the chills; Adrian Lyne's Fatal Attraction. Burg tells Shock Til You Drop that it will not be a straight remake and instead will be the "Twisted Pictures take on Fatal Attraction." Titled Kept, the script is based on the novella by Jason Rothwell.

Burg tells Shock Til You Drop that the story focuses on a married man who sets out for a night of infidelity and ends up in life or death situation. Since this is a film from Twisted Pictures, you can only assume that this guy is going to have one heck of a bad night. Shock claims they managed to score a few extra tidbits about the twists in the plot, but they were sworn to secrecy.

The last time Burg and company were looking into remakes, they had committed to redoing some classic horror films. Beyond those, he is also producing Repo! The Genetic Opera and the thriller Silence, about a man searching for his wife's murderer. The latter is the second script from Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell. These projects are not exactly groundbreaking, but definitely a step up from the other two projects he has listed on his IMDb page -- both of which sound like made-for-TV crime flicks that you catch on the USA network at three in the morning. Compared to thosemovies, a Fatal Attraction rip-off sounds downright delightful.
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