Jean Claude Van Damme -- almost-undefeated fighter-turned-action movie star, who can bring intricate, split inducing bondage structures down with the mere force of his thighs -- is heading into the world of biopics, or so a new short floating on the web will have us think. Some have said it's just a spoof short film, but some, like JoBlo, say: "We're told this is a 'pre-sell' teaser for Cannes, and that the movie itself is in production with Luc Besson's company." I imagine it's more like that Caligula short I posted about many months ago, but the old Van Damme fan in me kind of wishes this is real.

The clip in question is a long short that shows a disparate collection of dudes in tank tops who have come together to try out for the lead in an upcoming JCVD biopic -- some have eaten way too many Twinkies to ever pull it off, while some seem to have the requisite buffness. Just as the casting session is about to get started, good ol' Jean Claude himself walks in, pretty ticked that he wasn't contacted -- and by "ticked," I mean he says he is, but he doesn't, physically, look too concerned. Once he finds out the plot he decides that, of course, he should play himself.

At the very least, it's an amusing, self-deprecating stint for a guy who is pretty much ignored these days in the realms of the action world. (Although man, I still love me some Cyborg.) At the most, this could be a great pearl to top off Van Damme's career -- a biting, too-honest, self-referential flick to remind us why we all know his name in the first place.