Say all you want about Josh Hartnett kicking vampire ass (never in a million years did I think Hartnett would kick anyone's ass), but when it comes to 30 Days of Night,Ben Foster clearly steals the show. I had a chance to catch the flick last week, and Foster brings new meaning to the word 'creepy.' I won't say too much about his character since I'm sure there's a lot of you who haven't read the graphic novel, but I will tell you that he plays a dude named The Stranger. And when he first arrives in town, all beat up and freaky-looking, no one knows what to make of him. Is he good? Is he bad? Is he wearing deodorant?

Thomas over at Reelz Channel sent in this scoop to us earlier today; apparently, during a recent interview promoting the film, 30 Days of Night screenwriter Brian Nelson teased fans with the sort-of-promise that The Stranger will be back in future sequels. Do keep in mind that Reelz spits out a few spoilers prior to dishing this info, so if you want to avoid them, you might want to stick here -- I'll just give you Nelson's quote: "I'll just tantalizingly say it is possible you might see more of The Stranger in the future." There's no word on whether Foster would return to the role (his stuff was so good in 30 Days, they added additional scenes to give him more screen time), but I imagine they'd fight to have him come back and join in on the fun. 30 Days of Night hits theaters this weekend. Oh, and there should definitely be a sequel. The film rocks -- the studio knows it, the fans know it -- so let's just get it underway.

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