Usually, if some eerie force is going to take over the world (in the realms of horror, not politics), it's zombies. They multiply; they eat the flesh; they moan and groan. The other fantastical baddies like vampires, werewolves, and ghosts mostly get small hordes to hang with, and never get the honor of a worldwide epidemic. That being said, things are going to change when Benighted gets adapted for the big screen.

Well over a year ago, Warner Brothers bought the rights to Kit Whitfield's first novel, Benighted. Finally, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Patrick Smith Kelly, the pen behind Don't Say a Word and A Perfect Murder, has been tapped to adapt the thriller, under producers Graham King and Andrew Adamson. Dealing with "core themes of racism and alienation," the book focuses on a world where werewolves make up 90% of the world's population.

"Barebacks," the few who remain human when the moon changes, have to keep the peace when most of the world goes wolfy. Specifically, there's a young non-wolf named Lola, whose moon duties include "dogcatching" and chasing stray "lunes." When the moon isn't full, she's a lawyer for the "Department for the Ongoing Regulation of Lycanthropic Activity." Her friend gets attacked by a werewolf and is shot dead a few days later, and Lola has to defend the murder suspect. This leads her to the secrets behind her strange society. Considering the amount of time it took to get a screenwriter, I don't imagine that we'll hear more about this for a while. But I wonder: will Michael Douglas be involved, like he was in Kelly's other two films?
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