That, right there, is probably the only reason why some will head out to purchase the brand new Transformers DVD today. Megan Fox. I've seen a lot of films in which the young, teenage geek saves the day and, in turn, wins over the cute girl. However, Megan Fox isn't just cute -- she's every teenager's wet dream. She is what the girl next door looks like in 2007, and she is what makes Transformers so damn delicious. Of course, throw in some giant f**king robots to spice up the sexual tension, and you have the recipe for one of this year's highest grossing films. There's not much I can write here that you don't already know: Transformers was HUGE. If you could look up "Summer Popcorn Fluff" in the dictionary, that picture of Megan Fox would rest alongside the definition; a definition that would simply read: "See: Michael Bay."

I couldn't think of a man better suited to bring a live-action Transformers to the big screen than Michael Bay. When he was born, his first words were probably, "Why the f*ck am I so small?! Make me bigger! Make me larger! And give me a semi-automatic weapon so I can blast the f*ck out of that guy in the white coat!" Whereas other directors may have opted to hide the robots in dark corners, whilst giving them lines like, "You think I'm big -- well take a look at George Bush's bank account!," Bay dumbed his film wayyy down, took some "aww, shucks" cues from producer Steven Spielberg and served us a film everyone can enjoy on different levels. If you were a big fan of the Transformers toy line growing up, then it was nice to see those badass boys back in action. If you were a fan of explosive, over-the-top fight sequences, then this was an all-you-can-eat buffet of them. And, if you were simply a fan of hot girls in skimpy attire, then let me introduce you to Megan Fox. She's foxy .. and she likes long walks on the beach, french vanilla ice cream and guys that play with big toys.