After less than four way-too-brief years in prison, CNN reports that French rock star Bertrand Cantat has been released. In 2004, he was convicted of manslaughter in the death of French actress Marie Trintignant. His sentence was pretty brief as it was -- only eight years. Now he's out for good behavior, although the actress' mother, Nadine Trintignant, opposed Cantat's release and considers it a blow to those who work to end violence against women. The terms of his release: he must regularly see a judge, undergo therapy, and stay silent about his crime until July 2010. After that, I guess he can have at it.

As the story goes, Trintignant in was Vilnius filming a movie her mother was directing, based on the life of writer Collette. She was staying with her boyfriend, Cantat, in a hotel when they had a terrible, physical argument near the end of shooting. She suffered a serious skull fracture, and soon died. This was one setback she couldn't rise above -- in her youth, her younger sister died, which sent her into troubled shyness and made her stop speaking. It was, however, ended when she decided to become an actress. An an obituary written by The Guardian, comments: "She didn't like secure roles, she declared, she loved monsters, speaking 'for those who don't deserve being spoken for.'" It makes you wonder what she would say about everything now.
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