Some might say that women shouldn't head films, but Paramount's looking for some female-headed Morning Glory. Variety reports that Roger Michell has signed to direct the upcoming comedy, which is being written by Aline Brosh McKenna. Set in New York City, the movie will focus on "a struggling female news producer and the iconic, temperamental anchorman she recruits to revive a failing network morning show." There's no "rom" listed before the "com," so maybe this isn't one of those fighters-turned-lovers stories, although it really sounds like it will be. Paramount is trying to get the project, which has insidiously put Oasis into my head, up and running for production this spring.

Now, whether your tastes match the work of director Michell or writer McKenna, this pairing should spell at least decent success for the production -- if they stay on their current trajectories. Michell is the director of Persuasion, Notting Hill and the recent critical hit, Venus. McKenna has gone from forgettable flicks like Three to Tango and Laws of Attraction to the wildly-popular The Devil Wears Prada and the upcoming Katherine Heigl romcom, 27 Dresses. Beyond this comedy, Michell is also set to direct The Rip, a thriller for Universal, and McKenna has a number of projects in development.
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