I'm such a bastard sometimes, because I know exactly what you're thinking: "Seven minutes of The Dark Knight! Online! And I can watch it now!" Unfortunately, no, but the good news is you'll be able to watch it very soon. According to a report over on Collider (via a Portuguese website who just attended a Dark Knight set visit in London), six or seven minutes of next summer's Batman follow-up will screen before the IMAX version ofI Am Legend. This won't be an extended trailer of sorts; from what we know, this will be an entire scene -- they're calling it a prologue about the Joker. That's all we have to go on now, but if you planned on seeing I Am Legend when it hits theaters on December 14, you might as well skip over to the local IMAX and check it out there. No word on whether a new Dark Knight trailer will come attached to Legend in conventional theaters, but I've heard there may indeed be something.

We already know Christopher Nolan shot a certain amount of scenes in IMAX, one of which was a bank heist scene, but this sounds like it might be different. Additionally, and also coming from the same set visit, Collider reports that Gotham City will go through a "white night," though there's no explanation as to what that is. They say "Two Faces will be in the film" -- not sure if that was a typo, meant to read 'Two Face,' but it appears that way. And, also, Batman will be traveling outside Gotham City for the first time to Hong Kong (which we already knew). I haven't been to an IMAX film in a long time (too friggin' big for this old man), but I may just have to suck it up and catch I Am Legend for the Batman footage. How about you? Would you rather wait until the film comes out, or are you eager to soak up any and all things Batman-related right now? The Dark Knight hits theaters on July 18.