Just the other day, before the Academy was set to release the list of eligible foreign films for an Oscar, Israel found out that their own submission was a no-go -- disappointing news for sure. While Israel is bummed, India has gotten quite ticked off -- at least their Oscar selection committee has. Reuters reports that they are not too happy with a letter they have received from Hollywood's Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, which they say contained "disparaging" comments.

India had selected Vidhu Vinod Chopra'sEklavya: The Royal Guard to be their Oscar shot, as Eric D. Snider pointed out in September. The thing is, it was reportedly considered a flop by both audiences and critics -- this isn't a case of moviegoers raving and critics wretching. To make things even more complicated, Bhavna Talwar, the director of the second-place Dharm (Religion) took the committee to court. She claims that she was slipped in second because of Chopra and his producer's connections with some of the selectors.

So, the Academy wrote a letter to the committee to express their surprise over the selection ordeal. To add insult to injury, they then told the selectors that they should have better standards for their selection process. Ouch! Vinod Pande, the chairman of the committee told Reuters: "It was a little disparaging the way things were put in that letter." He also said he's told them that they have "strong democratic values and that an aggrieved person had every right to seek justice in court." Nevertheless, they are meeting this week to see if they want to stick with the first choice. Either way, they're not going to escape some embarrassment.