"I need to try to write this post without pissing off a whole mess of people," Erik said to himself as he read an article on the top 10 most powerful Christians in Hollywood. Yes, such a list does exist, and unfortunately this Jew is nowhere to be found on it. Let it be known that I have nothing against Christians, or any religion for that matter, but this list just cracked me up. Over on Hollywood.com, they've posted a list (compiled on BeliefNet.com) of the 10 most powerful Christians in Hollywood (however the original list contains 12). First off, I'd love to know their definition of 'powerful.' Powerful how? Like, the number one person on the list can talk to Jesus whenever he wants, however he wants -- and, like, the number four person on the list can only communicate with Jesus through text messaging? I don't get it. But do we really need to get it?

Why don't you go ahead and take a wild guess as to who the number one most powerful Christian in Hollywood is. Yup, Mel Gibson. He likes to drink, he likes to drive, and he likes to spit out Anti-Semitic remarks at the police officers who pull him over whilst drinking and driving (hey, why not combine two lovable past times into one -- it saves time!). Here are the other nine most powerful Christians in Hollywood: 2. Denzel Washington. 3. Patricia Heaton. 4. Tyler Perry. 5. Ralph Winter. 6. Angela Bassett. 7. Martin Sheen. 8. Martha Williamson. 8. Kristin Chenoweth. 10. Philip Anschutz. Okay, I can understand how Anschutz, the 31st richest person in America, might make the list, but how does Chenoweth (who's about to star in the upcoming Space Chimps) rank higher than him? How is she a more powerful Christian?

I'd still like to know how they define 'powerful?' Over on BeliefNet, here's their reasoning behind the list: "We chose them from dozens of candidates, in consultation with insiders and observers who are part of the Christian-Hollywood scene. Those who made the Beliefnet Power Dozen are here because they have the clout to choose their career direction, while keeping their faith and even injecting it into their work in subtle or not-so-subtle ways." So, then, why not say most influential? Most spiritual? Most loved? Why use powerful? What do you make of the list? Is Mel Gibson really the most powerful Christian in Hollywood?

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