Many of us get tense over that nasty, 6-letter word -- sequel. Usually, they come many years after the original, trying to put a new spin on things that sometimes works, but often doesn't. And then there's Dune -- the project that seems to pop up every decade. In the seventies, there was almost an immense, star-studded feature teaming epic names like Dali and Giger. David Lynch then took a stab at it in the eighties, which he regrets. Finally, there was the miniseries, which came out just after the '90s.

Now there's been a lot of rumors of yet another attempt. Frank Herbert's grandson had posted about the possibility to a Dune forum -- saying someone at a studio really wants to do that, a director sort of someone. AICN has now gotten word from one of their sources about the potential project, who says that the studio is Paramount, and the guy in question is none other than Peter Berg. Yes, the guy who just brought us The Kingdom.

Personally, I'm both intrigued and a little apprehensive. The actor/writer/director/producer has proven his worth on a number of projects, but there's real life, and then there's Dune. It just makes me want to ask a lot of questions. Can Berg handle sci-fi? Heck, can anyone handle the world of Dune? Do we need a new Dune? Is it time to stop trying? Why do they keep trying? Have people been ingesting too much spice?
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