Imagine you're just a normal woman living a normal life. Then, you experience a really traumatic event. You need time to regroup and heal, so you move to a small town on the beach. What could be better than the relaxing pulse of waves, and a cozy environment perfect for recovery? Unfortunately, while you're living in your ocean-front paradise, you end up unearthing a crime and finding yourself in the middle of a new drama. This is the premise for 20th Century Fox's upcoming thriller. It's called Darkling Cove, and it comes from a spec script by Caroline Case -- whose lone other feature writing credit is Impostor, a Philip K. Dick adaptation.

Variety reports that Gary Fleder has been picked to direct, and he'll also produce the film along with John Davis, who got the project started with his discretionary fund under Davis Entertainment. This re-teams Case and Fleder, as he directed Impostor, and Variety says she wrote a draft of Don't Say a Word. He's also the helmer behind films like Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, Kiss the Girls, and Runaway Jury. So basically, he's had a pretty decent track record. Now they just need to start casting the film. He could revisit the past and re-team with Ashley Judd, but that'd be too predictable. Who else can pull of the balance of drama, personal issues, and new thrills?
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