I know I make it look easy, but it's tough to be this prescient. A few days ago, we got word of an unspecified Amelia Earhart project being ramped up for a pre-strike shoot, and at the time I pointed out that the whole idea of doing this story as an indie film -- as the mystery project was then described -- is absurd. There's hardly ever been better fodder for a big-budget piece of Oscar bait than the story of Earhart, the legendary flying ace and early feminist hero who disappeared over the Pacific in 1937, never to be seen again. Hollywood apparently agrees -- the New York Post is reporting that two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank has just put pen to paper to star as Earhart in a biopic. According to the paper, Swank's agents had to ditch a party the other night to take "urgent calls about the deal," and the next day she signed on to the project. This all sounds so on-the-money that I'm already onto wondering who is going to direct this thing. In my earlier post, I mentioned Scorsese, but since he's already put his stamp on Howard Hughes, you can rule him out. How about Anthony Minghella? Joe Wright? The project needs a majestic scope.

As of right now, there's no further information available on the film or Swank's deal, but let's keep the speculation train going: Who should play Fred Noonan, the co-pilot who went down with Earhart? How about Luke Wilson, in a grown-up role for a change? Who should play the wealthy feminist who bankrolled her flights? I said Susan Sarandon last time.and I'll stick with that. Stay tuned as more information on the project comes into focus -- I'm sure the moneymen will be watching to see how well P.S., I Love You does this Christmas.

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