I'm a Melissa George fan, although I think she's sort of wasted in most of the films she does. I'll say no more on that subject, since I'm already addressing it in my upcoming review of 30 Days of Night. Anyhow, the outspoken Aussie is making a small bit of news this morning, having told ComingSoon that, in spite of everything we've heard, Jan de Bont'sStopping Power, which was recently shut down, is completely back on and will begin shooting in March. "It's back on!" George tells the site, with typical breathlessness. "First of March. Three days into filming, we were in Berlin, they cancelled the film. It worked out so good, because I'm busy doing other things, and I could come back to shoot. HBO and I'm going away next Christmas, and then the strike happens next year, so I'm going to go away in March and do this. Look, anything can change, but it's on. It has to be on." That last part sounds like she might be sort of 'willing' the project into life, but still, she does give a solid date.

By the way, when I spoke with 30 Days of Night graphic novelist Steve Niles a couple of months back, he told me of early plans to push forward with a sequel to the film, called Dark Days, if everything went well at the box-office. Dark Days is a project that would be entirely focused around the character played by George -- is Hollywood ready to entrust her with carrying an entire action-horror film on her shoulders? I think it's a safe bet -- this is an actress with a lot of potential who could use a great, high-gloss breakout role like that. Stay tuned to Cinematical for all future info on Stopping Power and Dark Days, should they actually happen!

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