He's been pretty busy over the last few years spinning webs around Manhattan, but the big question has been: what's next for Sam Raimi? Sure, he's got a lot of possible flicks to produce, but there's been no solid word on scripts or directorial projects. Unfortunately, there's still no solid word, but in a recent interview with MTV, Raimi talked about all the projects and possibilities for his filmmaking future.

First up: Spider-Man 4. In June, Raimi was dreaming up a webbed world with even more villains, because I guess he didn't hear the complaints about the storylines in Spider-Man 3. That's been scrapped because Raimi won't be working on the story for the next installment: "It'll be a brand-new writer coming in with a brand-new story -- a fresh take on the Spider-Man series." Right now, they're looking for that writer. Raimi says: "We're hearing different versions right now and really enjoying the different stories. Hopefully, we'll hear one that sounds right for the fourth installment." Once that's determined, he'll see if he wants to direct.

Next: The Hobbit. Raimi, of course, really wants to do it, but he's deferring to Jackson. "Well, it really is Peter Jackson's project, and I wouldn't make any conditions." That being said, if Jackson won't, Raimi hopes he will be the alternate choice: "If [Jackson] didn't want to direct it, and he was producing it, then I would love to be considered for the project." Seeing that Jackson might be in talks for the film, I'm thinking the possibility of hobbits and Raimis is gone.

But what about Evil Dead? Raimi -- he's just sinister. He refuses to let these remake rumors ever officially die, leaving us in continuing anxiety. He says: "Maybe we'll make another one; it would be nice to at some point, if I could get together with Bruce and Rob, and we could get a story together and the financing. A lot of things would have to come together, but it would be nice." But he also mentioned the possibility of a new director and new approach, finishing off with: "I look forward to someone else reinterpreting it, or going back to the story with part four myself." If he wants to do it himself with Bruce -- awesome. If he doesn't... Mr. Raimi, the only way to go is to bring Evil Dead: The Musical to the screen.

But there's even more, so stay tuned for part 2!

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