So you're Sir Ben Kingsley. You've been knighted. You've won an Oscar. You're a pretty big deal actor who recently married a relatively-unknown, younger, attractive actress like the ol' devil you are. So you decide to go out on a night on the town with your wife. Of course, being any sort of notable actor or celebrity, you get stopped by the paparazzi. What do you imagine they'll ask you? Something about your work? Something about your new wife? How about super-important current events?

The other night, TMZ caught up with Kingsley and asked him to comment on Britney Spears. (Because you're dying to know, right? And he's certainly the one to go to with such a question.) After the disbelief: "Britney?" He is thoughtful, telling the camera that everyone deserves to be happy. Then, he decides to make this whole encounter a little more interesting. He follows with: "She's my role model, really. An inspiration, should I say?" He then goes on about his own "morning mantra," which consists of him saying: "Give me, give me, give me, give me..." Before leaving, he says: "It starts my day, and my day gets better and better!" Classy! I'm usually not a big fan of the random questions, but if only all actors could come up with something on the spot like Kingsley did, they'd be a heck of a lot more fun, which would give these things some sort of point. Maybe this cleverness is why he always attracts those young, model-looking women.

But I should tie this a little more into film and less gossip. So, here's my proposal: someone needs to put together a new movie -- it will star Spears and Kingsley together. He's the experienced pro, she's the young, flighty mess. Heck, they could make it a reality film, where she had to follow the word of Sir Ben and turn her life around. I know that I would go see it. There would be the humor of Kingsley to keep things clever, and the struggling Spears to titillate those who love nothing more than to watch a celebrity crash and burn. And maybe throw in that crying Spears fan for good measure.