It hasn't even been a month since it was announced that the fake gay fireman King of Queens, Kevin James, was going to write, produce, and star in an upcoming comedy called Mall Cop. The comedy is about a "mild-mannered security guard thrust into action when his mall is taken over by highly organized thieves." James has written an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as a bunch of eps for his own show, but this is his first feature -- and it looks like it hit a little bit of a snag. Variety reports that Steve Pink has been picked to "pen a draft" of the Happy Madison/Columbia film.

Sure, scripts get re-written all the time, but I wonder how this will work when they get the new script back, rather than a plain spruce, since James is both starring and producing as well. Will he accept Pink's draft as is? Will this become a big back-and-forth deal? He's the guy delivering the lines, after all. But they won't have long to finalize this -- assuming that the strike still happens next summer, the plan is to start production this Spring and get it wrapped beforehand.

The good news in this -- Pink hit it out of the ballpark with his first two screenplays -- John Cusack's Grosse Pointe Blank and High Fidelity. He hasn't put another out since -- although he is in line for Fletch Won and The Prom. He has, however, kept busy with other projects, such as helming the Justin Long comedy, Accepted. They haven't picked a director yet, so I wouldn't be surprised if he signs on for that as well. Excited yet? I know I am ... well, not really.
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