Director Tony Scott has already got a flick about a British aid worker in Sudan (Emma's War) and a remake of The Warriors on his plate. What could be next? Variety reports that he's now looking into cigarette boats. No, he's not planning a speed-filled vacation, but rather a project based on the inventor of the cigarette boat, Don Aronow. This should provide quite the change from overseas suffering and punk warriors. The script is currently being written by Michael A. M. Lerner (Deadlines), who optioned the rights to the story, with Jeff Shapiro and Alan Hecht, from the man's surviving son, Michael.

You might be wondering what could be so interesting about the creation of the speedboat, other than shots of it in action. Aronow was a millionaire businessman who moved to Miami in the '60s and began racing boats as a hobby, which ended up becoming a business. But it's not like he just made and sold boats -- he was a close friend of George Bush (who would help him test them), and he made speedboats for people like Bush and the Shah of Iran. Having created the cigarette boat, things got tricky when they became the go-to vehicle for drug runners. In 1987, he was gunned down by one suspected of just that. See? There's speedboats, sea, drugs, bullets, and intrigue.

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