So it seems the majority of you agree with Robert Rodriguez in wanting Rose McGowan to star in the Barbarellaremake, even though Universal isn't willing to risk $100 million on her name. And I don't blame them. Why Rodriguez needs $100 million to shoot the remake of a campy sci-fi flick is beyond me, but furthermore -- even if Universal got their wish, and Rodriguez ditched McGowan -- are there any females in Hollywood who can carry a film with a $100 million pricetag? This is nothing against women at all (heck, I love all women just as much as the next guy), but I'm really struggling to come up with the last film to gross over $100 million with a female in the lead role (not counting romcoms since credit is also due to the male lead). While you think about that, here's how the last few McGowan films have done: 1. Grindhouse (part of an ensemble -- $25 million gross). 2. The Black Dahlia (part of an ensemble -- $22 million gross). 3. Vacuums (couldn't find anything -- was this even released?). 4. Monkeybone (part of an ensemble -- $5 million gross). Don't force me to continue ... it gets even worse.

Based on those stats, it appears as if Rodriguez would have to shoot Barbarella, with McGowan in the lead role, for roughly $15 million in order to make money. Universal is willing to do it for $60 million. Rodriguez wants somewhere between $82 and $100 million. And for that kind of money, Universal wants someone else in the lead role. So, in your opinion, are there any female actresses out there capable of carrying a film with that high a budget? Because we're always game for the multiple choice answers, Cinematical put together a gallery full of women who we think would be good in the role of Barbarella. Are any of them better than Rose? You decide.

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