When Pamela Smart was seducing Billy Flynn, I bet she never fathomed not only getting caught, but just how far her life would travel in the realms of the media. In case you somehow missed the whole Smart drama -- she was the older woman who seduced the 15-year-old Flynn, then threatened to leave him unless he killed her husband. He followed her wishes, and now she's got life in prison without parole. The story was made into a television movie, and then a novel by Joyce Maynard that spawned Nicole Kidman's To Die For. Now Playbill says that the producers of the musical Xanadu are looking to adapt To Die For to hit the Broadway stage. The production will be an update of both the novel and the film.

Xanadu producer B. Swibel says: "The message of To Die For is more timely and provocative than ever." Maynard, who is also involved, continues: "If ever there was a larger than life character, destined to belt out her songs on Broadway, it's the character of Suzanne Maretto -- a woman who recognized the power of reality television about twenty years ahead of the rest of America. I feel excited, watching the story I wrote and the characters I created taking shape for the stage." The project is only in the beginning stages, but I'm sure we'll soon here more about the production, see it hit Broadway, and probably then re-hit the big screen with all its singing glory. What do you think? Are you ready for some Broadway Maretto full of songs, seduction, and murder?
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