Although Rob Vlock's first novel, which is set on Madison Avenue, is still making the rounds at lit houses in New York City, it's already been optioned for a feature treatment -- which should help its publishing possibilities just a little. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Jay Roach, the director behind both the Austin Powers and Meet the Parents films, has optioned Off Strategy. He will produce it at Sony, and has set up Jon Poll as the director. Poll worked as an editor on many of Roach's films, and has his first directorial feature, Charlie Bartlett, getting released next February.

The two comparable titles that are floating around this project are, believe it or not, You've Got Mailand The 40-Year-Old Virgin -- just a bit of a contrast. Basically, the studio wants it to be the modern AOL-named romcom, but THR sources say the humor is similar to Virgin. The story centers on relationships and romance, but from a male perspective. Specifically, it's about "an ad copywriter who falls for a woman who turns out to be a client with whom the copywriter already has an acrimonious phone relationship." So that's where the Mail comes in -- that acrimony through the invisible nature of technology.

Now the question remains: what sort of humor from Virgin will the piece have? Is the guy a virgin? Does he have friends who play videogames while playing the "You know how I know you're gay?" game? And who would star? Personally, I'd love to see someone like Campbell Scott, but he doesn't have the huge pull necessary for romcom history, and I'm thinking they'll want to go younger. Maybe Jake Gyllenhaal?

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