Gwyneth Paltrow's cousin, Katherine Moennig, has been in a few films, like last year's Art School Confidential, but has found most of her success on the television show The L Word as the infamous lovergirl Shane McCutcheon. She's gotten the chance to get frisky with Rosanna Arquette, be the daughter of Arquette's Nobody's Fool co-star Eric Roberts, play mom, and date a T-X. Not too shabby at all! Now she's got a new film project on the way, as Variety reports that she's been cast to star in an indie thriller called Remorse.

Centering so specifically on "themes of love, death, and the fragility of the mind," Remorse was written by Pete Cafaro and Andrew Kayros, and Big Brother camera operator Quinn Saunders will direct when the production gets in gear this March in Philly. Moennig also has a co-star, Eion Bailey. Honestly, I had no idea who he was until I checked out his IMDb list -- he's one of those guys you've seen before, but probably never knew his name. His roles include playing one of the hungry hyena-influenced pack on Buffy, Ricky in Fight Club, one of the Rolling Stone guys in Almost Famous, and a short stint on ER as Jake Scanlon.

So yeah, that's it. Someone's feeling remorse, presumably over someone's death, and that remorse has led to a fragile mind. Or, maybe, the person that died had a fragile mind. Who knows?! Fie these vague descriptions!
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