If there's one thing I've ever learned in life it's that you should try to keep your personal life and business life separate. Once they collide, sh*t almost always hits the fan, and it will only be a matter of days before that big $100 million picture you were supposed to direct gets the shaft. Yes, I'm talking to you Mr. Robert Rodriguez. According to The New York Observer, Universal will no longer back Rodriguez's planned Barbarella remake because the director insists on placing his woman, Rose McGowan, in the lead role. Here's how their source describes the scene: "It's sort of embarrassing for everyone involved. No one thinks Rose can carry the movie, but Robert won't listen." (I can hear the sounds of the whip in the background as we speak.)

Other names that have lingered around the role include Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and Jessica Alba. However, Rodriguez wants McGowan, and it doesn't appear Universal wants to shell out $100 million for a director who's whose last film bombed and a girl who's never amounted to anything more than playing "the hot slutty girl" in each of her films. Funnily enough, the original Barbarella starred Jane Fonda and was directed by her husband (at the time) Roger Vadim. Since Rodriguez and McGowan are engaged, I suppose it only makes sense to keep things in line with the source material. Apparently, Universal will still fund the film, but not at $100 million. They'll do $60 million, yet Rodriguez is said to be shopping the project around to other studios in the hopes of securing more money. Here's my question to you: If you were Universal, would you stick with the $100 million budget and take a chance on McGowan? Or do you think Rodriguez is too whipped to see there are better actresses out there?

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