There seems to be a lot of thrillers coming from the world of independent film lately, and The Hollywood Reporter has brought word of the latest production. Simon Baker, who you might remember from The Devil Wears Prada, will leads a new psychological thriller from Dror Soref called Not Forgotten. Baker will star in the film as "a bank manager in a U.S.-Mexico border town haunted by the death of his daughter. He and his wife approach a Latina soothsayer to find out what happened to the girl, but the old woman's visions threaten to dredge up secrets from their tortured pasts." I guess they didn't think about the fact that a seer could see those sorts of things.

If this sounds like the typical creepy movie fare, producer Donald Zuckerman says otherwise: "The key points in this film -- the love of a family, Latino culture, spirituality -- are interpreted in a way we rarely ever see in the movies." Soref wrote the script with Tomas Romero (THR didn't specify which), and will produce with Zuckerman and Myriad Pictures as the feature sets up to shoot this January in New Mexico. This will be Soref's second directorial feature -- the first was an indie flick called The Seventh Coin in the '90s. While it's not too well known, it did boast a cast that included Peter O'Toole and John Rhys-Davies. Beyond that, he's been the head of a short film called Platinum Blonde in the '80s, and Weird Al's video, I Love Rocky Road. Coins, epic actors, Weird Al, and a short with Elizabeth Berkley? This guy knows how to traverse the seas of cinematic themes!
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