I came across this little nugget today whilst surfing these internets, and all I can say is ... wow. Some blog called Lost in Negative Space has posted 15 of the most obscure, embarrassing, horrific-looking movie posters that I have ever seen in my entire life. It's truly amazing to me that, at some point, these were actually movies being promoted -- and that some artist worked tirelessly to come up with the poster art. Then, after that was done, at least one other person said: "That looks fabulous -- print!" Some of these look like either porn films or soft-core porn films, so I'll excuse those posters (though I'm not sure which ones they are), but others -- like The Incredible 2 Headed Transplant -- are just, well, wrong. Or what about the 1961 German flick Ordered to Love -- which teases the following: "teen-age girls forced to submit in secret nazi mating camps." Yeah. I'll take a bag of Twizzlers and a medium diet Coke with that.

The person who posted these calls them the 15 most embarrassing posters of all time, but a couple of them are pretty cool (in that cheesy B-movie style sort of way), like the poster for Devil Girl from Mars or Black Cobra (tagline: "How much snake can one woman take"). And what's up with Born Black ... to white parents? Seriously, that's the title. It's from Hallmark Releasing, and it comes with the tagline, "The Most Shocking and Unusual Film That You Will Ever See." Some of them are cool, some are warped, and others -- like Is Stalin Alive -- are just plain odd. In the Stalin poster, there's a picture of a guy examining a bald woman alongside the words, "Stalin's weird fetishism revealed!" So he had a thing for bald girls? Who doesn't? Anyway, check out the site and let us know your favorites. Oh, and did any of you actually see one or more of these films? Why?