Yesterday I posted my probing piece of investigative journalism: "Blood n' Babes: Cinematical's Trip to the 2007 Miss Horrorfest House." Today I was offered a spot on Nightline. OK, not really, but I hope that those of you who read the piece enjoyed it. I think it is safe to say that readers were expecting photographs of the candidates that were a little more...explicit. But to be honest, those weren't the ladies I met. They were all attractive and provocatively dressed, sure, but for the most part, these were just nice, normal women who happened to be covered in blood and gore. Plus, c'mon, I'm no Hugh Hefner, and there's something unseemly about asking girls you've just met to show a little more skin. Good thing for you guys, I didn't even have to ask! I was just sent a new batch of photographs of the eight finalists, and they are definitely worth checking out.

You've got Sweet Dead Sara, rocking a slit throat. You've got Chieko coming out of her shell...and a coffin. Mistress Malice is sporting taped nipples and a whip, and I think it's safe to say votes for her are about to skyrocket. It's sad but true -- show some skin, you always win. Countess Elizabeth Bathory is, um, sitting in a chair. That's sick! The Morbid Sisters look mighty guilty in their photo, although I'm not sure why they didn't perform some of their acrobatics for the shoot. Nixon Suicide is getting in touch with her wild animal. And Shannon Lark manages to look seductive even with a chainsaw in her hand. Remember, to cast your vote and track the results, head over to the Horrorfest YouTube page. They've just given you more time to vote -- the top three finalists will now be announced on October 24th. Check out the photos in the gallery, and to learn more about my wild experiences with the Miss Horrorfest girls, be sure to check out yesterday's post.