It's winner MADNESS this week on Insert Caption. We're finally able to announce the grand prize winner for our Darjeeling Limited contest. Have fun in India, Alan T. (And no, he's not THE Alan T., a.k.a. fantasy dad Dr. Jason Seaver). We expect an exotic magnet or two (legal note: winners are in no way expected or obligated to purchase souvenirs, exotic magnets or otherwise, for trip providers). We'll also be sending a framed Planet Terror poster signed by Robert Rodriguez to Jordan M. (yes, THE Jordan M.) for last week's contest while our two runners up get DVDs and action figures.

The Darjeeling Limited

1. "Look, don't hit me again but I really do think I have Bingo."
-- Alan T.

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Planet Terror1. "And they say there are no roles left for women in Hollywood..."
-- Jordan M.

2. "This party's dead, we're outta here!" -- Peter A.

3. "Easily flammable house, check. Crowd of lost souls wandering aimlessly, check. Unattainable cool chicks all over each other, check. Yep, it's freshman year of college all over again." -- Chris O.

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We're looking for a few more winners this week. And really, who needs India when you can win a tee-shirt, Frisbee, cup (the kind you drink out of, not protect the privates with), wristband and mini-poster from the new sports spoof The Comebacks? Just write one of our three captions for the pic below of David Koechner and Apollo Creed and sweet, victory could be yours, too. Good luck!

The Comebacks

UPDATE: Winners Announced! Click Here