Oh, boy. I still get chills thinking about the debut of David Lynch's Twin Peaks on television. With the lights out in my tiny room, I eagerly tuned my tiny TV to the well-publicized pilot episode -- and within 15 minutes I was in tears. David Lynch made me freaking' cry about the death of a fictional character I knew nothing about! At that point I'd only seen The Elephant Manand was in no way prepared for what Lynch could do with framing, lighting, pacing, music, mood and characters. All I knew was that I'd never seen anything like that on television before and that I definitely wanted to see more.

The pilot episode has never been available on DVD in the US, though I once owned an apparently legal copy from overseas with fuzzy picture quality. Lynch produced a different version of the pilot -- in which the question of "who killed Laura Palmer?" was answered -- for release in Europe as a theatrical feature. The first season was released by Artisan as a box set -- sans either version of the pilot -- in 2001 but has been out of print for quite a while. The second season was released by the current rights holder as a box set just a few months ago, amid rumors that a complete edition would be forthcoming. Reporting from Comic-Con in July, Cinematical's Kevin Kelly gave us a preview of a box set that sounded impressive.

Now we have details courtesy of James Israel at Jump Cuts, who says that the show was what initially got him and his brother interested in independent film. Israel posted the official press release about "The Definitive Gold Box Edition." The 10-disk set includes all 29 episodes plus both the original and European versions of the pilot. Yay! The material has been newly remastered from the original negative and approved by Lynch. Double yay! The extra features are said to include "hours of newly-minted bonus content ... never before released on DVD," which might convince those who already own both seasons to double dip. A promotional Quicktime clip can be downloaded from this location. Twin Peaks: The Definitive Gold Box Edition streets on October 30.