Wait -- what's that -- Matt Damon wants to do another Bourne film? But I thought he was done with the character? Right? Right? Maybe wrong. Back in May while promoting Ocean's Thirteen at the Cannes Film Festival, Damon told the press that he was done with anything related to Jason Bourne. His exact words: "I'm definitely done with that. I think we've ridden that horse as far as we can. The character lives on in the books and if someone else wanted to play it, I guess they could." Well, what if that someone else is, um, Matt Damon? Keep in mind these comments came a few months before The Bourne Ultimatum slid onto the scene, capturing the world's attention with its slick action sequences and ... other cool stuff. Since then, the film has gone on to make lots of moolah, it was given lots of praise, and -- ya know what -- considering the fact it's rare we get a good action film, I think people want to see more Bourne in the future.

Damon, well, he's beginning to warm up to the idea. While in Tokyo, he made the following comments: "If Paul Greengrass, maybe years down the road, was interested in doing another one, then I would do it, too. I don't think either of us completely put the character to bed yet." Great, this means my nightmare of having to write seven different "Damon Says He Might Maybe Possibly Star in Fourth Bourne Film" posts is beginning to come true. But doesn't everyone always say the same thing? They throw out the "years down the line" comment to fend off the media, give us something to write about, and then continue to repeat the same thing (while we continue to report on it) until, eventually, there's a fourth film. Honestly, since the series has been so damn successful, I have a feeling we'll be hearing more about a fourth flick sooner rather than later.

Oh, and regarding our dream that Bourne would face off against James Bond in a film, Damon says: "He keeps himself in very good shape. I would like to avoid any confrontation with Daniel Craig if I can." Drats!

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